Main Characters


imagesSena Kobayakawa – Is the protagonist of Eyeshield 21. During his childhood he was small and timid so he was bullied and needed to be protected by Mamori Anezaki. Riku Kaitani, Sena’s childhood friend teaches him how to run in order to defend himself but instead Sena uses this to become a gopher running errands for bullies. In his first day at Deimon high he is chased by the school bullies known as the Ha-ha brothers. Hiruma the captain of the football team sees this and forced Sena to join the team as the runningback under the alias Eyeshield 21.

0Yoichi Hiruma – The devil himself as quarterback and captain of the Deimon devil bats. Hiruma founded the devil bats together with Kurita and Musashi. After completing high school he intended to join the Shinryuji Nagas but Kurita failed the entrance exam and they enter Deimon instead. Although shortly after Musashi leaves the club and no one shares the same interest in football. He starts to blackmail other people and forcing them to join the club. Hiruma is greatly feared by students and school admin alike. Hiruma is also a genius tactician and plays mind games with other people. Carries firearms to intimidate others. Known for his catch phrase “Ya-ha”.

imagesRyokan Kurita – Is the largest and strongest player in the Deimon Devil Bats. Kurita is a kindhearted who tries to not hurt people. When playing Kurita shouts his warcry “Funnuraba”to exert extra effort. Kurita meets Hiruma and Musashi before entering high school, and with them founded the Mao Devil Bats, promising that one day they will compete in the Christmas bowl. Before completing highschool, Kurita wanted to join the Shinryuji Nagas but Agon kongo, a prodigy takes his slot and since he failed the entrance exam he joins Deimon instead.

images11Taro Raimon(Monta) – Taro Raimon is the wide receiver of the Deimon Devil Bats. He is known as Monta a nickname given to him by Hiruma, from the name Joe Montana. Possess great catching skill but lacks talent in other areas like throwing the reason he got sacked from the baseball team. Monta resembles a monkey and is the subject to many gags and jokes in the series. He likes to eat bananas and pose after a successful reception of the ball. “Catchaaa Maaxx!!!!”.


images12Anezaki Mamori – A childhood friend of Sena that has been protecting him from bullies since primary school. She is very protective of Sena. She is oblivious to the fact that Sena is Eyeshield 21 and thinks that Sena is just the football clubs manager. She joins the football club as another manager to protect Sena from Hiruma. She eventually becomes an excellent manager who knows the rules, analyzes the enemies strategies and make strategies for her team. She also keeps the club room very clean. Mamori begins to appreciate Hiruma later on.

imagesThe Ha-ha brothers(Kuroki Koji, Jumongi Kazuki, Togano Shozo) – The three bullies who chase Sena in his first day in Deimon. They  join the team as linemen after Hiruma blackmails them, despite being forced to join they start to like football specially when they learned that Eyeshield 21 is actually Sena. They resolved that if Sena can change then they can too. They start out as complete noobs  but quickly become very capable linemen due to the fact that they are always brawling in the streets.

imagesManabu Yukimitsu – A second year student who has been forced by his mother to dedicate his whole life to studies. He questions his way of life and looks back and he sees that he has not a one happy memory. He decides to join the football team after seeing Eyeshield play. He admires Eyeshields bravery the most. Yukimitsu enters the try outs but despite him failing Hiruma still accepts him as an act of kindness and seeing how hard he worked. He isn’t able to play until later though.

imagesDaikichi Komusubi – Is one of the linemen of the Daimon Devil Bats. He is highly impressed of Kurita’s strength and decides to become his apprentice. He was able to join after passing the tryout along the Ha-ha brothers and Yukimitsu. He doesn’t talk much and speaks only through strange grunts and one word sentences.

imagesSuzuna Taki – A blue haired girl who always wears rollerblades. Working as a reporter hired to discover Eyeshields true identity. She becomes the teams cheerleader and develops a relationship with Sena later on.

imagesNatsuhiko Taki – A high school student who has a dream of becoming an NFL player. He is foolishly overconfident and has the odd habit of flinging his shirt open and spinning around like a ballerina. Is usually called an idiot by other people including her Sister Suzuna. He encounters Sena  during a tryout in the United States but after failing to qualify Sena asks him to join the Deimon Devil bats. He possesses great flexibility and good all around skills which made him ideal for the “tight end” position.

imagesDoburoku Sakaki – Is the coach of the Deimon Devil Bats and a former player himself. He trains Hiruma, Musashi and Kurita before they join the highschool. However after some unpayable debts because of his gambling habits he flees Japan for the United States. He returns to Japan after Hiruma pays all his debts.He and Ojo’s trainer and coach, Gunpei Shoji, were teammates at Sengoku University’s American football team, and were known as “The Twin Japanese Blades”.

imagesGen “Musashi” Takekura – Alias the 60 yard magnum, often mistaken as a much older person. One of the three founding members of the Devil Bats along with Hiruma and Kurita. He first met Kurita on a job from his father to fix a hole in the American base where Hiruma sneaks in to. After listening to Kurita’s pleas he still fixes the hole but then kicks another one. He later found out that they go to the same middle school and then forms the Mao Devil Bats. He leaves the team on his freshman year because his father became ill and he had to take over with the family business. He was forced to drop out of school. Although he really wanted to keep playing he rejoins the Deimon Devil Bats much later after.

imagesTetsuo Ishimaru – Is the Devil Bats 2nd runningback.  Recruited from the track team by Sena after helping him deliver newspapers. Ishimaru is considered an extremely normal person and therefore no one feels his presence in the field. Nevertheless Ishimaru’s obscurity works to his advantage when playing since no one notices when he is handed the ball.



This website is dedicated to the great anime Naoki Urasawa created known by the name “Monster”. I believe this anime is very underrated despite of having great storyline, deep,well written and diverse cast of characters, even the side characters are cool as hell not to mention this anime has the coolest main antagonist in any anime i’ve watched so far(my opinion though). The storytelling will really grab you coupled with the anime’s great atmosphere and its realistic and accurate portrayal of Germany. Anyone who likes suspense, psychological thriller this is the right anime for you. Truly a masterpiece. This website is also suited for any anime fans as i will be posting other anime stuff other than monster in the future.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Seinen


Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese brain surgeon in Germany had it all, incredible skill, a rich and beautiful fiance and a bright future ahead of him but after learning  that the hospital is run by politics he becomes disenchanted. This drives him to save the life of a young boy who had come in first rather than a mayor. Because of this he lost the support of the hospital director, his engagement to his fiance and his position at the hospital. A short time later the hospital director and the doctors that have replaced him were murdered and once again he was catapulted back on top but as the prime suspect of these murders Tenma did not have an easy life. Just who is behind all these murders. Tenma must go on a journey to find out who is behind all  this and clear his name.

Major Characters

imagesDr. Kenzo Tenma – The main protagonist of the series. A japanese neurosurgeon working at Eisler memorial hospital in Dusseldorf, Germany. Tenma’s surgical skill becomes evident to his superiors at the beginning of Monster. He is engaged with the hospital directors daughter in the beginning of the anime and has a bright future ahead of him but it all changes when he goes against the orders of the hospital director and saves the life of a young boy with a gunshot wound on his head. This course of action alters his life forever.

images2Johann Leibert – The boy Dr. Tenma saves. Johann Leibert is the “Monster” of the title and principal antagonist of the series, not much is known about his past. He is referred to as the new Hitler by many politicians in Germany, He is treated like some kind of God by criminals, a hero to children and to others a monster with seven heads. He is highly intelligent, charismatic, manipulative able to sway people to his will just by using words. He isnt seen that much in the entirety of the series but he orchestrates the events that happen from the shadows. You need to watch this anime to see how cool this character is. Im doing such a poor job of describing how cool he is.

images3Nina Fortner/Anna Leibert – Johanns twin sister. A sweet, kind, loving, hardworking and intelligent young woman. She seems to have a happy life but she discovers there are parts of here past she cant remember.

imagesInspector Lunge – Is cool as hell. Inspector Lunge is a BKA detective assigned to the murder case that happened at Eisler memorial hospital. Lunge has an excellent memory, he claims to have a memory chip inside his head, he enters and accesses data by making typing gestures with his hand. He seems devoid of emotion, which allows him to commit himself to every case on which he works and at the same time completely ignore his family. He thinks Tenma as the prime suspect and believes that Tenma just made Johan up. He sees Tenma as a fascinating killer and chases him for almost the entire series.

imagesEva Heinemann – The daughter of the director of Eisler Memorial Hospital Tenma’s fiance, she is independent, superficial, bossy, demanding and manipulative. She also hates not having her way. She later leaves Tenma after being demoted of his postion after he disobeys her fathers command to save the life of a mayor a choice she would later regret.

imagesDeiter – A young boy who Tenma saves from a man named Hartmann after discovering that he was being physically abused. Deiter follows Tenma throughout his journey to find Johan. Deiter also shows an interest in soccer.