Attack on Titan


Here is another great anime that i enjoyed watching. It has a good and compelling storyline, great soundtracks and awesome action scenes. Too bad there are only 25 episodes, there hasn’t been any¬†confirmation of a second season yet. So you’ll have to read the manga or patiently wait for the second season to come out. Another thing that i like about AoT is that it doesn’t have any plot armor for most of its characters. The only characters that surely wont die are the 3 main. Anyone of the major characters can unexpectedly die, this makes the story exciting and unpredictable. Very cool anime highly recommended.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy



Several hundred years ago, the humans have encountered a new enemy the “Titans”. The titans have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. The remaining survivors built extremely high walls to protect themselves from the Titans and for 100 years they lived in peace. Until one day a colossal titan appears and destroys the outer walls allowing the other titans to get in, resulting in a massacre. One of the victims was Eren’s mother who was eaten alive. Eren escapes and vows to wipe the earth clean of Titan.


I will only talk about the 3 main characters because there are a lot, there also might be spoilers if i talk about all of them.

imagesEren yeager – Main protagonist of the anime. Only son of Grisha and Kaluga yeager. Adoptive brother of Mikasa Ackerman. He possesses extreme amount of hate towards the Titans after seeing his mother beheaded and devoured by one, he joins and trains in the army with his childhood friends Mikasa and Armin and swears to wipe out the all the titans.

imagesMikasa Ackerman РMain female protagonist of the series. She is Goddess of awesome and winning. A prodigy soldier,  never seems to lose her cool no matter how bleak or hopeless the situation, graduated in the academy with the highest marks. She suffers only from few scratches no matter how dire the situation is while everyone loses their heads, limbs and get devoured.  She has strong feelings towards Eren and is very protective of him to the point where she would kill and hold grudges to anyone who would endanger his life.

imagesArmin Arlert – A childhood friend of Eren’s. Wishes to see and explore the world outside the walls. Has a very low opinion of himself and thinks hes useless because of constant bullying when he was a child due to his weak body. He starts to see his worth when he shows of his tactical ability in battle. He would rather die than be a burden to his comrades.