Hajime no Ippo


Hajime no Ippo is a coming of age story about a weakling maturing into one of the best boxers in Japan. Hajime no Ippo doesn’t really do anything new to the sports anime formula, Ippo discovers boxing one day and then trains hard until he becomes one of the best boxers in Japan. However it outshines all its lesser versions because of its exceptional script. It makes all the other fights feel as though it were the first because it always has something new to offer. This anime will give you a healthy dose of laugh and cry through its comedy and character development. Also when watching this I found myself not knowing who to root for because both characters are deserving of a vicory and since each one has some kind of tragic back story or reason for fighting. Even the most bad and sinister of characters end up being pretty likeable. Its one of the rare animes that inspire me to step outside and train my ass off. I cant recommend it highly enough.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Sports, Coming of age


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