Main Characters

images13Takamura Mamoru – Is the deuteragonist in the show. His influence on the story rivals those of coach Kamogawa’s and Miyata Ichirou’s ; all three inspire Ippo to continue boxing. Takamura is the middle son of the famous Takamura Development company. Despite his family having impressive wealth he lives off his own earnings as a boxer. He was first discovered by coach Kamogawa beating up a number of thugs, the coach sees this as senseless fighting until Takamura shows him a world class punch and hence was recruited to the gym. After being body checked by the coach we learn that Takamura possesses natural athletic ability and quickly becoming the Japanese champion. He is the reason why Ippo started boxing. The strongest character in the anime and is looked up unto by everyone in coach Kamogawa’s boxing gym.

imagesMakunouchi Ippo – Ippo is the son of a deceased fisherman and is currently living with his mom helping with the family business. As a child Ippo would wait at the dock believing in his fathers promise that he would never again leave both him and his mother. Ippo was somehow able to satisfy himself when he finds the cap his father wears during the departure. Ippo is very shy, kind and obedient but also stubborn and strong willed. Ippo was constantly bullied in school. While being tormented by Umezawa and his gang he was saved by Takamura. After that chance encounter he began to take up boxing in order to find out what it means to be strong.

imagesKimura Tatsuya – Kimura and Aoki have been best friends since kindergarten. In high school they began brawling and causing so much trouble with students from rival schools namely North High which ultimately led to their expulsions. Kimura was most affected by this because he has worried and disappointed his mother. One day the pair attacked North Highs Takamura and lost miserably. Seeing Takamura’s strength as a boxer inspired them to also take up boxing and become strong. Eventually they earned their pro licenses and became passionate about boxing. They now look up to Takamura.

imagesAoki Masaru – Best friend of Kimura since kindergarten. Together they would pick fights and wreak havoc until they attack Mamoru Takamura in an arcade and got themselves beaten up. They vowed revenge and after several failed attempts they found themselves in a boxing gym where they find Takamura. There they trained in boxing with a single goal in mind, to defeat Takamura. After winning their individual debut matches the two realized that Takamura was no longer just their goal but their inspiration and idol as well. Is known for a comical style of fighting, such as his special move the frog punch.

images15Kamogawa Genji – is the coach of the KBG. He was a former boxer himself. Kamogawa’s full introduction is given when Ippo joins the gym, and it is revealed throughout their partnership that he seeks to raise a world champion whose boxing is principled on fighting spirit, not just talent or skill. He is repeatedly proud of Takamura and Ippo, though he rarely expresses it, but it is Ippo he regards as his “last son”. He has gained the full trust of his boxers.

images17Yagi Haruhiko – Is the manager of the KBG. His job consists of publicity and match booking also takes part in managing the finances, selling merchandise, and occasionally even assists with the training now and then.

imagesMiyata Ichirou – A boxing prodigy who inherited his fathers style at a young age. With his natural talent, Miyata had assumed he obtain the world championship easily but after losing to Ippo(who only trained for three months) in their second spar, Miyata began to view Ippo as a rival and set him as his goal.


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