Eyeshield 21


Eyeshield 21 is a sports anime about American Football. The story focuses on a wimpy high school kid named Sena, he has been running errands for bullies all his life and because of this he has unknowingly gained incredible speed. As a freshman in Daimon high he joins the high school football team as a manager after being asked by Kurita a big guy with a lot of heart. A run in with the bullies forced Sena to use his speed to run away. The captain of the football team Hiruma sees this and recruits him as the teams running back under the alias of eyeshield 21 to prevent other teams from scouting him. And so the three man squad start their journey towards the Christmas bowl. The main story of eyeshield 21 is nothing special but the cast of characters make this anime one worth watching. You’ve got the devil himself for a quarterback, the kind hearted fat guy who has nothing but pure power , the catching magic who looks like a monkey for a wide receiver, the guy who looks twice his age for a kicker. Whats not to like about this. Heck, even the supporting characters are memorable as ever. Even if you’re not a sports fan you should give this anime a try.


Genre: Shonen, Drama, Comedy, Sports, Coming of age


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